The 6 Most Important Parts of Every Voice Actor’s Website

As a voice over artist, your website is the best brochure you have. But you have just a few short seconds to make the right impression before casting directors decide on whether you’re the right person for the job.

That’s why your voice actor website needs to include just the right content to help them make their decision - and hopefully convince them to decide on you. With that in mind, here are the 6 most important things you need to include in your voice actor website.

High-quality photography

People aren’t just hiring your voice; they’re hiring you. Use your website to show casting and talent agents who they’re working with by including high-quality pictures of yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional photographer to get headshots done. But you should at the very least have someone take pictures of you in good light with a focus on letting your personality show.

Aim to include 3-4 good pictures that showcase your personality, but also make you look like a professional who’s serious about your work.

Downloadable demos

Before you’re invited to audition for a voice over job, the people casting the role need to hear your demo. And chances are there are more than a few people involved in the decision.

Placing your demos on your website is a great start, but making them downloadable takes it to the next level. When visitors can download an mp3 of your demo, they can easily share it with everyone who needs to hear it.

Keep your demos in a universally accessible format like mp3, and make sure the file sizes are small enough for them to be emailed - typically no more than 20MB.

Studio & equipment details

Your home studio is more than just a tool for recording sessions. Your studio and equipment are a signal that you’re a serious voiceover artist who is invested in their business.

At a minimum, make sure your website includes a list of your physical equipment (like microphones and interfaces), software, and connection services. If your studio is photogenic, a few pictures of the space can help bring it to life.

A detailed personal bio

Your bio is your opportunity to tell your story and give casting directors the background they need on your training and experience. Your bio should be 3-4 paragraphs long and include all the pertinent information your audience needs to know about you. Be sure to mention any relevant training, the jobs you’re most proud of, and anything that makes you stand out from other voice over artists.

Client list and testimonials

A handful of easily recognizable logos is a great way of showing that you’ve done good work for trustworthy companies. If possible, include 2-3 well-written testimonials from people who will vouch for your talent.

Your contact information

Make sure that the people who are interested in you know how to get in touch. In addition to a contact form, be sure to include your email address and phone number on your website. Adding links to your professional social media profiles can also help you get found.

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